Russell Dickerson Opens up About Touring With Good Friend Thomas Rhett

Russell Dickerson has come a long way over the past several years, having recently scored his second No. 1 with his second single, "Blue Tacoma."

This summer, he's on the road with Thomas Rhett on Rhett's Very Hot Summer Tour, and since Rhett happens to be one of Dickerson's best friends, touring together is, according to Dickerson, "the chillest" experience.

"If you're not comfortable with somebody, you don't know how they're gonna act, or be," he told during CMA Fest in Nashville. "It's just so chill because I know him, all his people know our people, and we love and respect each other."

"Everyone's so helpful and just cool to hang out with," he added. "It's so good."

Dickerson's wife, Kailey Dickerson, and Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, are also extremely close, though Dickerson joked that life on the road with their families is a bit different now that Rhett and Akins are parents to two daughters.

"A party with toddlers around," he joked. "A party that ends as soon as Thomas Rhett is done."

Dickerson is also good friends with Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, and shared that there's nothing he can't call his fellow musicians about to get their advice.

"It's really invaluable to have that," Dickerson said. "But then at the same time, everybody's journey is completely different. And so you try to find those similarities."

"I can ask them anything and they'll tell me," he continued. "Very specific. It's just cool the invaluable soundboard that you have."

Dickerson shared that he's been working on his second album with a few of his famous friends including members of Florida Georgia Line and Lady Antebellum and is "pumped" and "ready" to share new music with his fans.

The singer's debut album, Yours, was released in 2017 and is as joyful and uplifting as Dickerson himself, with the singer having declared the project a "love letter" to his wife. While his new project will retain that spirit, Dickerson shared that some of his new material will explore different sides of his marriage.


"I've been married six years now, and [debut single] 'Yours' was the first song off the album that we wrote. So that was five and a half years ago," he explained. "It's gonna be a different stage of life and marriage and love, and sometimes it's not all peaches and cream, you gotta figure it out. And there's some songs that kinda dive into that a little bit."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond