Runaway June on Playing CRS' New Faces Show: 'It Took a Lot of Work' (Exclusive)

It's the show that has helped catapult the careers of dozens of stars, and Runaway June seems poised to be next. The Country Radio Seminar's (CRS) New Faces Show has been the platform for artists like Tim McGraw, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and more, by giving them a coveted performance slot in front of radio stations all over the country. This year, Runaway June, made up of Hannah Mulholland, Naomi Cooke and Jennifer Wayne, earned a spot, proving that their hard work is paying off, and paying off well.

"People ask us if we're pinching ourselves, in all seriousness, I always say, 'No, I'm not,'" Cooke told "I know exactly what it took to get to this. It took a lot of work and we still work our a—es off. It still takes dedication and just us three, keeping our relationship healthy. There's all of these things to field, and we're learning to be businesswomen. It's not easy. It's a lot of work and that's when you don't give up, you get here."

"And these are the moments that make it really like, 'OK, it's worth it," added Wayne. "Just getting acknowledged by a radio, which is a huge deal, which is what girls are begging to be acknowledged by them. It's really nice to feel supported by them. And awesome."

Runaway June has been together for more than four years, earning a Top 5 single with "Buy My Own Drinks," as well as a spot on Carrie Underwood's 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360, and an upcoming slot on Luke Bryan's Proud to Be Here Tour. It's a lot for any artist, which is why Runaway June is soaking in every moment.

"I feel like we're fooling everyone but let's just keep it going," Cooke acknowledged. "At any moment, the fraud police are going to pull up and take my guitar and take my computer and be like 'You cannot.' I'm just like, 'Keep this going as long as we can; everybody's fooled.'"

Runaway June will be joined on the New Faces stage by Mitchell Tenpenny, Ingrid Andress, Morgan Evans and Riley Green. The event, held Friday, Feb. 21, is closed to the public.


Runaway June is back at radio with their new single, "Head Over Heels." The song, from their 2019 Blue Roses album, is available for download on their website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Danielle Del Valle