Runaway June: Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty Tour 360 Invitation Is 'Very Flattering'

Runaway June will soon hit the road with Carrie Underwood, serving as the opening act (along with [...]

Runaway June will soon hit the road with Carrie Underwood, serving as the opening act (along with Maddie & Tae), for the highly-anticipated Cry Pretty Tour 360. The trio, made up of Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland and Naomi Cooke, was invited to join Underwood not because they were females, but because Underwood is a fan of Runaway June and their music.

"It's very flattering," Cooke told "She really did it in a cool way, where it's obviously it's noticeable, because all females on the tour, but it's not branded that way. It's not advertised that way. That's not the point of it. It's pretty cool that she's doing it in a way where she's just like, 'No. I just think that these girls are awesome. We're just gonna do it.' It's just really cool."

Runaway June will have a bigger stage to perform on than they have ever had before, which is why they are eager to start rehearsing.

"We're excited," said Cooke. "We start rehearsals the day we get back from ACMs, for Carrie. We'll be rehearsing the rest of the month pretty much. Then we go out May 1st with her."

The threesome hope that getting used to the stage will help calm some of their nerves, as they prepare to perform in front of some of the biggest crowds they have ever played before.

"I feel like once we get rehearsing, it will kind of lower some of the nervousness that we have," Cooke explained. "We have kind of the jitters of what is this gonna look like. After we start rehearsals, I'm excited to get into a groove – just be able to sit in the excitement and not be so nervous."

In addition to getting to know Underwood, Runaway June is also looking forward to getting close to Underwood's children, 4-year-old Isaiah, and infant son, Jacob.

"We haven't see the new baby but we did see Carrie," Cooke said. "She's so encouraging and excited about the tour. She is amazing. We're just so excited that she asked us to come out."

Runaway June will have a big hit to perform when they hit the road with Underwood next month. The trio's current single, "Buy My Own Drinks" is in the Top 25, and climbing.

"It is doing so well," boasted Cooke." We have so much support from so many people. It takes so many people to get a song to work. When it starts to work it feels really good, and you know you have a lot of support. We're hearing more and more people say, "I hear it all the time." That's the biggest win."

Download "Buy My Own Drinks" on iTunes. Find a list of all of Runaway June's upcoming shows by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Matt Winkelmeyer