Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus Signs Two New Acts to Record Label, Including Alum of 'The Voice' (Exclusive)

Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus has signed two new acts to his Christian Red Street Records roster, including a former contestant on The Voice. DeMarcus signed 15-year-old Reagan Strange, who appeared on Season 15 of The Voice as a member of Adam Levine's team, as well as 19-year-old Cade Thompson.

"Red Street, we opened about a year ago, in October, and we've had a busy, busy year," DeMarcus told PopCulture.com. "I've been hiring people and getting our infrastructure in place, and we've got two brand new artists who are young artists and I feel like are gonna light the world on fire."

DeMarcus met Strange backstage on The Voice, while Rascal Flatts was performing, and instantly felt a musical connection with the rising star.

"It's amazing to hear a 15-year-old sing the way that she does, with such depth and maturity, and I fell in love with her," gushed DeMarcus. "We went to do the finale last year around this time actually, and we sang with [finalist] Kirk Jay, but I got to visit with her backstage, and really see the heart of the person that she is. We met when we got back into town here in Nashville.

"I sat down with her and her mom and I just fell in love with her," he added. "She is so sweet and so transparent and so real and I just think she's gonna do great things."

DeMarcus also signed Thompson, after hearing about the young man from several of his friends in the music industry, including famed producer Don Koch.

"I can't say enough about him," DeMarcus boasted. "He writes everything he does, and the depth of his writing to be 19 years old and to be that deep, and dealing with real human emotions. It just comes out in such a unique way, the subject matter that he writes about. And he's just another gifted singer. He's one of those people that you could sit in a room with just an acoustic guitar and he can be captivating."

DeMarcus is heading Red Street Records while also continuing to tour with Rascal Flatts and make new music, which he says he can only accomplish because of the people he hired.

"I've got good people around me," DeMarcus noted. "Our executive team has grown ... all that I have to do in my daily duties with Rascal Flatts and being a father and a husband, and trying to juggle all of that, it is very difficult but I really feel like this is the next chapter in the next phase of my life, for the foreseeable future."

The 48-year-old grew up in the church, and got his start as one-half of the Christian duo East to West. So even though he has spent most of his life in one of country music's hottest groups, DeMarcus always knew he wanted to be part of the Christian music industry as well.

"I also feel like, without being too heavy about it, I feel like this is a natural evolution for me because I started in Christian music," DeMarcus said. "It's always been important to me, and I do believe in the message that this music brings of hope to people in this really, really crappy world right now. So I wanna do all I can to give back to young artists and to help cultivate young careers, and I feel like this is a great way to do that."


Red Street Records also includes Avalon and Lauren James. Find more information at RedStreetRecords.net.

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond