Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus Launches Christian Record Label

Jay DeMarcus is launching his own Christian record label, Red Street Records. The Rascal Flatts [...]

Jay DeMarcus is launching his own Christian record label, Red Street Records. The Rascal Flatts member shared the news at a media event on Wednesday, Oct. 24, revealing he had already signed legendary Christian group Avalon and rising star Lauren James.

"This is something I've dreamed about for a long, long time," DeMarcus shared at a media event announcing the news. "Christian music was a huge part of my life growing up, and it shaped who I am today."

The 47-year-old got his start in Christian music, in a band called East to West, which released two albums before he formed Rascal Flatts. For DeMarcus, the return to Christian music is in many ways, a turn towards home.

"It's been a long time coming," DeMarcus told Billboard. "I've thought about doing it for several years and the timing just never seemed right and now the pieces fell into place," DeMarcus tells Billboard, sitting in his spacious man cave at his Nashville home. "When you don't have to force the pieces and they fit together naturally, it pretty much means the timing is spot on. I'm really happy about it."

DeMarcus previously revealed he was writing a faith-based memoir, Shotgun Angels, sharing stories from his life and career.

"I'm really looking forward to sharing a pretty personal look at my path so far, as that isn't something I've done yet," DeMarcus said. "In Shotgun Angels, readers will hear never-before-told stories and get a glimpse into what it was like for me coming from Columbus, Ohio and my journey to Nashville. My ultimate goal is that the book will encourage people that no matter where they are in their lives, they can find hope, comfort and strength in their faith."

DeMarcus insists he will continue his work with Rascal Flatts, although the trio recently revealed they are done making full-length albums, at least for the time being.

"We're not doing any records now," DeMarcus revealed after the release of the band's current single "Back to Life." "We're cutting songs as we find them and love them in an effort to pick singles from. And we have enjoyed that actually because there's no pressure of being on an album cycle. We've done a bunch of records and have a lot of great songs on there.

"But this is kind of freeing in that you only cut when you find those gems that you love," he continued. "It gives you some songs to keep on the shelf to get to later and to use as you see fit, and as the label sees fit."

No word yet when music from Red Street Records will be released.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond