Randy Travis Sings Along to 'I Told You So' at Wedding

Randy Travis suffered a debilitating stroke in 2013, and the singer has since been re-learning essential skills like speaking. While attending a wedding over the weekend, Travis continued his upward trend, singing along to his hit "I Told You So" as it was played during the reception.

The wedding was that of country singer James Dupré, and a video of the moment was shared on Facebook by Dupré's brother Ashton.

In the clip, Travis is sitting at a table as he mouths the words, using his left hand to express the emotion of the song and happily nodding his head along with the music.

When the song ends, Travis lets out a joyous laugh and keeps a huge smile on his face as those around him react with cheers and applause.

Amidst his recovery, Travis has not shied away from the public eye, appearing at numerous events and even surprising fellow country singers at their concerts. This summer, he attended CMA Fest in Nashville, where he was spotted at the side of the stage by Luke Bryan, who proceeded to perform a pair of Travis' hits as the icon looked on. Travis also sang the final line of the opening song of the 2016 CMA Awards, which happened to be his own "Forever and Ever, Amen."

In 2017, Travis and his wife, Mary Davis, spoke to Billboard about the singer's journey, sharing that they feel lucky to be in the position they are.

"We're blessed. We're happy to be where we are," Davis said. "We don't know what God has in store for us at the end of this recovery. Right now, we're just thankful to be where we are, and we're singing a different song. We're happy to serve a purpose wherever there is a purpose for us to serve. Of course, one day he would love to be back up on that stage. Right now, we're just enjoying life, and are very blessed to be where we are."

Mary shared that many of Travis' functions were affected by the stroke, including his vision, mobility and appetite, but that the singer has made significant improvements over the years.


"I never did give up," Mary said. "I prayed 'God, just give him to me one more day. I don't care how you give him back to me. Just give him back to me.' With Randy's faith, I don't think he ever felt like he couldn't make some kind of recuperation. I don't believe he ever felt like he couldn't make some sort of a comeback. He's so strong in his mindset. There was never another option. We weren't ever ready – and we're still not ready to give up. It's hard to believe that any one human being could live through it, but if there's anybody who can, Randy Travis can. He's tough as a boot, and as sweet as an angel."

Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt