Watch Old Dominion Bring Santa Claus to Children's Hospital

Old Dominion did their part to spread holiday cheer this season, bringing Santa Claus to Sanford Children's Hospital in North Dakota. Although the band intended to bring smiles to the patients in the hospital, it turns out that they were the ones who received the biggest gift.

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❤️💚❤️💚 Thought we were coming to warm their hearts but they warmed ours

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"Thought we were coming to warm their hearts but they warmed ours," the band shared along with a video of Santa Claus talking to the patients.

Old Dominion were on their just-wrapped Happy Endings World Tour, where they brought Santa along for a few concerts, and decided to stop by the local hospital.

"You know that they probably have a lot of tough days," Trevor Rosen explained to KFYR TV Station, "so it's just like when you see them light up and they're not thinking about anything else about how happy they are, it's awesome.

"One of our favorite parts of our shows too is just to look out and see the smiles because of our music," lead singer Matt Ramsey added. "So if we can do that with Santa and our music we're going to leave with a little bit of holiday spirit for sure."

Although Old Domion spent much of December on the road, they make sure to still celebrate the Christmas season.

"Once it starts to get into December, we decorate the bus," Ramsey told at a recent media event. "And, we usually get the Yule log – you can go on Netflix and get a Yule log and put it on the TV. We get eggnog, and whisky and we always make it very warm and cozy, and hang out for about a month on the bus, in the Christmas spirit. No gifts though."

Old Dominion will have a little bit of time to celebrate Christmas with their families, before they head out on their upcoming Make It Sweet Tour, kicking off on Jan. 18, and continue to work on their third studio album.

"I think what's next is to just try to continue to make great music," Rosen shared recently with and other media. "We feel comfortable now that we could just get to make music that we love, and now we have a little bit of trust that it's working and so we could just put that out to the world, so I think it's just putting your music out, and feel confident that everyone's going to like it."

Find a list of all of their upcoming shows on the band's website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Davis