Morgan Wallen Says Recording a Song Written by Eric Church 'Means a Lot for Me'

Morgan Wallen's new album, Dangerous: The Double Album, features a number of all-star collaborators, some of whom can be heard singing with Wallen and others who contributed with a co-writing credit. In the latter category is Eric Church, who helped pen "Quittin' Time," a quietly heartbreaking number that closes out the 30-song project.

Speaking to and other media in December, Wallen shared that he first heard "Quittin' Time" while on the road with writers Luke Laird and Rodney Clawson. "Luke Laird is a frequent collaborator with Eric," Wallen explained. "I made my love for [Church] known, and [Laird] said, 'Hey, well, let me show you a couple [of] songs.' And 'Quittin' Time' was one of the songs he showed me and Eric was singing the demo, you know, I was obviously bought in."

The 27-year-old shared that he "really thought the song was really well done" and asked whether Church was planning to record the track. Laird asked Church, who said he wasn't, so Wallen asked if he could borrow it.

"And he said yes, so that's kind of where our relationship, our introduction, began," Wallen said. "Since then I've been able to hang out with him, him and his wife, and got to know him a little bit better. Really feel like I've made a friend and it's because of the music, because of that song really. So that song is special to me for sure."

The Tennessee native went on to share that he is "obviously a huge fan of Eric Church." "I've spoken about it from the time I've been in this industry and how much of a hero he is to me," he said. "So having him allow me to sing a song that he's the writer on, it's truly one of my favorite accomplishments that I've got so far. I love his style, his attitude, just the way he's handled himself, just always really has resonated with me and just from the time I heard the first song of his, I was immediately was drawn in and was connected."


"And you know, that doesn't happen a lot with somebody," Wallen mused. "He's one of the artists that I truly would listen to everything he puts out. You know, when sometimes the critics or the fans don't always agree with what he's doing, but I've always loved it. I've loved every single thing he's done. So this means a lot for me."

Fellow country star Thomas Rhett also helped pen two tracks on Dangerous, "Whiskey'd My Way" and "Your Bartender," while Chris Stapleton lent his voice to "Only Thing That's Gone." "Just having those... stamps of approval, man, it means a lot to me and my career," Wallen said. "It helps me. It's just some of my favorite milestones so far that I've achieved."