Miranda Lambert Releases Humorous 'Way Too Pretty for Prison' With Maren Morris

Miranda Lambert has just dropped another new track from her upcoming Wildcard album! The song, [...]

Miranda Lambert has just dropped another new track from her upcoming Wildcard album! The song, "Way Too Pretty for Prison," is a collaboration with Maren Morris, and was inspired by a conversation Lambert had with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild.

"This new record has so many little details on it that become my favorites every time I listen, but one of those details is a fellow Texan and labelmate," Lambert told iHeartRadio. "My friend Maren Morris sang on a song with me that I also wrote with The Love Junkies, and I knew from the second we were writing it that I would love to have Maren on it. It popped in my head right away before the song was even done.

"So, I asked her to come in and sing on it," she continued. "It's such a girl anthem. It's called 'Too Pretty For Prison,' and it was actually inspired by Karen Fairchild. We were having a wine night and I always tell all of my friends leaving, 'Don't leave if you've been drinking, because you're too pretty for prison.' So, thanks Karen, for sharing that wine bottle with me and for taking an Uber."

"Way Too Pretty for Prison," which says in part, "But  we're way too pretty for prison / Hard time ain't our kind of livin' / And I don't want to talk about / The way those jumpsuits wash us out / We're  way too pretty for prison," is part of a transparent new record that Lambert admits was a bit daunting to create.

"Everything I've ever lived through is in my music," Lambert told Entertainment Weekly. "[34 years old] had some bumps. Every year has some bumps. The way that I say it is how I feel about it, and how I actually treat it. I don't live in the moment that's not good [for me]. Somehow, I just move forward."

"There's a common theme in this record and it's like 'When something gets bad, you can get out of it and move forward and be better,'" Lambert reflected. "Feeling it in the moment is okay too, just taking it in and saying 'I'm gonna learn from this, next.' I've done that. At 35 so far, I've lived a lot of life and I've written it all down."

Wildcard will be released on Nov. 1. Pre-order the record, and find Roadside Bars & Pink Guitar Tour dates, at MirandaLambert.com.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com