Michael Ray Reveals How Carly Pearce Is Giving Him a Complex

Michael Ray is eagerly counting down the days until he marries Carly Pearce, but there is one downside that he has already discovered when it comes to living with his future bride.

"[She has an] unbelievable voice," Ray told PopCulture.com. "She walks around the house and, messing around, sings. And I'm like, 'Can you just try to hit a bad note? You're giving me a complex. Even when you're not trying, it sounds great.'"

Both Ray and Pearce are songwriters as well as artists, but the two have yet to sit down and try to write a song together.

"We haven't co-written yet, but only because we've going like [crazy] for the last year," Ray revealed. "We will, at some point. I'm working on album three. She's such an incredible songwriter, and human. Just all around, she's perfect in every way."

"We will at some point, for sure," he added. "Hopefully for my third album. I think that we possibly have a duet on there."

The Florida native already did his part in the wedding to Pearce, by popping the question, and is now leaving the rest up to Pearce and her mom.

"I think we're done planning," said Ray. She and her Mom, in typical fashion, are just like, 'Hey this is what we're gonna do, boom boom boom.' I'm like, 'We're done?' It's been really cool for me to sit back and watch them two. They're real close, and Carly being gone a lot, they don't get the time that they normally do, so this has been really fun. Her Mom's definitely been keeping us on track, so it's been really cool to see.

"I'm just ready to do it. I tried to get her to marry me in Vegas," he added with a laugh.

Ray also insists he doesn't have any nerves about tying the knot with Pearce.

"My most nervous part was proposing," Ray said. "I just feel like I got that out of the way. She's planning to much, now, to not show up."

Pearce's mother helped Ray plan the romantic proposal in Tulum, Mexico, which makes sense since Pearce teases her parents are more fond of Ray than they are of her.


"Oh, they love him. I think they love him more than me," Pearce joked to PopCulture.com. "No, it's really nice. Very early on in our relationship, both of our families knew that this was a serious thing, and the real deal, and I'm very close to his mom and his dad. We both prioritize family. It's really nice to all get along really well."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Robby Klein