Maren Morris Reveals Part of 'GIRL' Video That Caused 'Actual Anxiety'

Maren Morris just released her latest "GIRL" video, sharing her interpretation on the anthemic, fearless song. But the 28-year-old admits there is at least one part of the video that caused her real anxiety — when the video cuts to Morris working with a vocal coach.

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when you reenact your childhood for the video and it gives you actual anxiety. real talk. #GIRL #thisguywastoogood 😂

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"When you reenact your childhood for the video and it gives you actual anxiety," Morris tweeted. "real talk. #GIRL #thisguywastoogood"

The video for "GIRL" shows a series of women experiencing everything from anger to elation to sadness, with the first half of the video only showing their backs, before a woman lights a car on fire and we can finally see their expressions.

"I feel like this video really emotionally represents those people that have felt disenfranchised," Morris told Nylon. "I hope that, when everyone sees it, they feel something and hit replay and watch it several times. Maybe it makes them look at the people around them differently and know that everyone's fighting an internal battle of their own."

Morris begins the video by saying, ""I think it just comes down to, we don't want more than anyone else, we want the same as everyone else." She concludes, saying, "Well, one of the hard things about being a girl, is having to always answer questions about why it's hard to be a girl."

"GIRL" is the lead single from Morris' upcoming sophomore album, which Morris says will reflect the last few years, ever since Hero was released in 2016.

It's a yearbook; it's a time stamp of the last few years of my insanely chaotic existence and love life," Morris told PEOPLE. "I'm super proud of it. I've listened to it so many times. My husband has listened to it so many times. It's ready for everyone else to hear it and hopefully connect to these songs. I think they will."

Morris promises her upcoming, still-untitled new set of tunes will have all kinds of sounds, which all inspired the record.

"There are songs on this album that are pop-leaning or even kind of '90s R&B, then there are moments that are very Carole King," Morris said. "I'm still very connected to my original roots, which are in my version of country music. I have to do me."

"I can't really try to sound like anyone else or be this pop star — I'm myself," she continued. "I definitely love pop music, and I'm constantly inspired by it as a songwriter, and I loved being a part of this cataclysm that was 'The Middle' for this past year. But I don't know that I can just waltz out the gate and be like, 'This is a pop record.'"


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