Maren Morris Reveals Favorite Food She Ate While at the Super Bowl

She might now be eating for two, but Maren Morris was still only eating for one when she was fortunate enough to attend the Super Bowl one year, but that didn't keep her from indulging in some delicious food, including an unforgettable combination. The 29-year-old ate a variation on macaroni and cheese that might sound questionable, but she insists was actually quite tasty.

"I remember when I was at the Super Bowl one time, they had this … Oh my God, this sounds so disgusting," Morris recalled to CMT's Cody Alan. "I promise it was so good ... They had flaming hot Cheetos mac and cheese. It was like mac and cheese sprinkled with flaming hot Cheetos crumbs."

While Morris likely won't have that same combination this year, she does think every football party needs just a few important foods.

"Break bread, and cheese, and queso!" Morris maintained.

Morris likely has a big appetite while pregnant, but she is also pretty tired. The singer revealed she is struggling with sleep, ahead of the birth of her first child with husband, Ryan Hurd.

"Every morning, I wake up at 3:30 on the dot," Morris told Alan. "At this point, it's just my body clock waking me up, and I don't know if its from the baby kicking or if its hormones or anxiety, but I mean, I lay awake for two hours with nothing to do. I end up watching TV or reading or something so that my brain will shut off again!"

Morris' insomnia is even more frustrating because she knows her son will soon be keeping her up at night as well.

"It is so annoying," Morris admitted. "I want to just sleep through the night so that I am well rested for the sleepless nights to come when the baby is actually here! Yeah. I am dealing with major insomnia right now."

Morris has not announced her exact due date, but except for her performance at the Houston Rodeo in March, she will likely stay close to home, and not head to Miami for the Super Bowl this year.

The 2020 Super Bowl, pitting the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs, will air live on Sunday, Feb. 2, at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox. Dan + Shay will be part of the pre-game show, along with Pitbull, DJ Khaled and Yolanda Adams. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will provide the halftime entertainment.


Photo Credit: Getty / Steven Ferdman