Maren Morris Praises Ryan Hurd for Release of 'Panorama' EP

Maren Morris is speaking out about her husband, Ryan Hurd's release of Panorama, re-recorded versions of four songs that Hurd originally released in 2015. The EP includes a song, "Good As You Think I Am," which Morris wrote with Hurd and songwriter Andrew Dorff, who tragically passed away at the end of 2016.

(Photo: Instagram/marenmorris)

"My husband Ryan Hurd and I wrote this song more than 4 years ago with our late friend Andrew Dorff and it's still one of my proudest songs to be a part of," Morris shared on social media. "So happy it's been remastered on RCA and you can all hear it."

Hurd also praised Morris on social media, for her contribution on "Good As You Think I Am."

"Two more things," Hurd wrote. "Even before we were anything romantic, singing with Maren has felt like magic. This was the first thing we ever [did] together that wasn't demos, and to still get to do it today makes my heart very happy."

(Photo: Ryan Hurd/Twitter)

Hurd has previously boasted about Morris, and the creative connection the two singer-songwriters shared long before their relationship turned romantic.

"We always had a really close creative connection," Hurd told ET Canada. "That was before it was every romantic. Maren and I were always really happy making music together. We still make music together, and it's always really special any time we get to be creative."

In fact, it was their ability to collaborate together that ultimately led to the couple falling in love.

"She sings on a lot of my stuff, and I've written for her album," Hurd said. "Eventually, things progressed in a really fun way to something more. I think that's easy to do when you're writing music, because that's such a vulnerable place. Our story's really unique, and I love that it started out in a creative place."

It's been a busy few days for Morris. In addition to supporting Hurd, she also just released her collaborative new single, "Redesigning Women," with The Highwomen.


“I’m just really proud to be part of a collective,” Morris told Music Row. “We have the utmost respect for one another. When we win, we all win. None of us need this – we all have our own things going on.”

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