Maren Morris' Infant Son Hayes Is the Spitting Image of Mom in New Photo

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd's son Hayes is only one month old, but he's already taking after his mom! Morris took to Twitter on Thursday to share a new photo of her baby boy, posting a photo of herself cradling Hayes on a pile of blankets as he looked up at the camera, large brown eyes appearing both bored and inquisitive. "Sweet child o' mine," Morris wrote along with a sunflower emoji in a reference to Guns N' Roses.

Several of Morris' followers declared that Hayes looks like his mom, and one person helpfully shared the cover of Guns N' Roses' children's book, Sweet Child O' Mine. In addition to Thursday's post, Morris previously used song lyrics to caption a photo of her son when she shared a selfie with Hayes accompanied by lyrics from Patty Griffin's 1998 song "Mary," calling the artist "my Queen."

Morris was in labor for 30 hours before undergoing an emergency C-section, and Hurd told PEOPLE that his wife is still recovering. "We try to make sure she's off her feet as much as I can. She's not very patient, so...," he said with a laugh. Morris, Hurd and Hayes are quarantining together at their home in Nashville and Hurd shared that the family's current situation isn't all that different from what they had planned on.

"Life isn't that different from the way that we planned it, to be honest. We were going to be off the road right now," he explained. Later this year, Morris is scheduled to hit the road for her RSVP: The Tour, which will feature her husband as an opener, but the pair had already adjusted their touring schedules to coincide with their arrival of baby Hayes. "It's a little harder because we can't really have anybody over to see our baby, but I feel like we're very blessed in that we have avoided a lot of hardships that other artists have had to face, because we haven't had to really cancel many shows," Hurd said. "We're really lucky to just be here learning how to be a family of three and it's been really an amazing time in our lives."