Maren Morris' Husband Ryan Hurd Recalls 'Easy' Video Shoot in Hawaii for 'The Bones'

When Maren Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd, went to Hawaii for a quick vacation, it wasn't just for a romantic getaway. The couple used footage from their trip for the video for Morris' current single, "The Bones," from her latest GIRL album, capturing the couple's romantic moments on film.

"It was easy," Hurd told PEOPLE. "A lot of times you do a shoot day and it's all day, and there's make-up. But this, we were just on vacation, and brought our friend Alex [Ferrari] to shoot it. It's all on film and we really just did the Road to Hana and took a video of it, and it was great. And then he turned it into this really cool nature video, mixed with footage of us. The song is really special.

"I think about, is it cooler to write the song, or have the song written about you?" he reflected. "This song, I know it was right at the beginning of our marriage. Just having a song, written about your relationship that way, was really cool, and then to be part of that video – you take little mementos with you as you do this country music journey, and that's one that I'll always have."

Morris previously opened up about "The Bones," and how Hurd influenced the sultry song, which Morris wrote with Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz.

"It was a day when I was writing in Nashville, and Laura brought the title, 'The Bones,'" Morris recounted. "She's always so good at bringing stuff like that to the table, and it's always like a weird title. That's why she and I get along so well is, I'm willing to get weird. But she also knows how to make it so sentimental and real life. We just started talking about how gracious we were with our relationships at the time. I was really feeling so solidified in my relationship with my then-fiancé and now husband, she was so feeling so amazing with her marriage and her children. Jimmy just found out that his wife was pregnant.

"It was just like we all were super solid with our partners, and so writing this song about the bones of a house – even if a hurricane comes, a storm, the wolves come, the structure of the house is still standing," she continued. "The foundation is still there, so you can rip it down to the studs and the foundation of this relationship isn't going anywhere."

Hurd released his own video earlier this year, for his current single, "To a T," which includes a cameo by his wife.


"We got to know each other writing songs in Nashville, but it's just about wanting to know your partner as intimately as you can," Hurd explained. "The video is cool. I feel like sometimes it gets lost on people that country music is for everybody, and I just wanted to show that country music is for everybody, so we have four couples that look completely different."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring