Maren Morris on Females in Country Music: 'We Still Have Work to Do'

Maren Morris just scored her first solo No. 1 with her third single, "I Could Use a Love Song," and the milestone is only the beginning for the 27-year-old star.

Speaking to Billboard after topping its Country Airplay chart, Morris noted that while she achieved a major goal by making it to the top of the charts herself, women in country music still have a long road ahead of them.

"It's maybe a little healthier, but we definitely have a ways to go," she said of the number of women on the charts. "When you look at the chart, there's just Kelsea Ballerini and me in the Top 20, so we still have work to do. Hopefully Kelsea's 'Legends' will go to No. 1 soon."

Morris added that she hopes her own success can pave the way for other female artists.

"Having 'Love Song' top the chart is such a big win to me and maybe it will help other women a little," she said. "What makes me the most happy is that it means that you can just be yourself, not compromise your art and still be successful at radio. I am hoping it's not just a step forward for me, but for other female artists as well."

The singer also noted that cross-genre collaborations, like Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha's "Meant to Be," are an indication that fans are willing to accept diverse pairings, as long as the result is a quality one.

"When I look at songs like the Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line collaboration being so successful at country, it leads me to believe that the boundaries are coming down and people just want quality," she explained. "Fans don't think that way about the genres, it's just about good music."

As for Morris, she just released a collaboration with producer Zedd and electronic duo Grey, "The Middle," and already has a few ideas lined up for other potential projects.


"I'd love to record with Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars; they're just such super talented artists," she shared. "Also I have been listening a lot to R&B artist Kehlani lately. I think she's fantastic and would love the idea of recording with her."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rachel Murray