Maren Morris Dreams of Crossover Beyonce Collaboration

Maren Morris has already collaborated with several artists, including Zedd and Gray, Thomas Rhett, Brandi Carlile and Brothers Osborne. But her dream collaboration is one Morris says will likely never happen – Beyoncé!

"Well, Beyoncé would definitely be having a dry spell if she was ever gonna collaborate with me," Morris told the Houston Chronicle. "I loved her performance with the Dixie Chicks a couple of years ago at the CMAs when she did Daddy Lessons' and they sang 'Long Time Gone.' I think it'd be cool to do some sort of dirty, R&B, bluegrass song with her."

As for her favorite Beyoncé song, Morris says that's an impossible question, but there is one Morris has tackled in her own shows.

"Don't make me choose," Morris said. "The one that I always love listening to, because I just think it's so beautiful and such a perfect song, is the last one on Lemonade called "All Night." I actually covered that once before."

Morris' latest GIRL album landed at the top of the country charts, a spot she was grateful to claim, even though she refuses to be bound by one genre.

"My favorite albums that I love listening to as a fan span so many genres and decades," Morris explained. "I don't really have any limits when it comes to the sonics of an album. I want it to sound good in your car. I want it to sound beautiful on vinyl. It's just a vibe that I'm trying to create.

"I try to be really respectful of my roots in this genre, but I also don't want to be strangled by them, either," she continued. "I'm young, and I'm evolving. I think that when you put a ceiling on a new artist like that, it's really detrimental because it makes them second guess every single song they're writing or performing."

Joining Zedd and Gray on "The Middle" introduced Morris to an entirely new set of fans, who liked her music, but not country music, which is helping Morris' fill venues on her current Girl: The World Tour.

"I feel like the diversity of the crowds this tour is even greater," said the singer. "It's not just all women or all men, all one color, one sexuality or age range, even. It's kind of a little bit of everything. It's really cool to see the chemistry of the crowd and the show change."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Steven Ferdman