Luke Combs Reveals Sweet Reason He Refuses to Display His Awards in His House

After the 2019 CMA Awards, Combs had two more trophies to add to his growing collection, when he took home the CMA Awards for Male Vocalist of the Year and Song of the Year, for "Beautiful Crazy." Combs has collected several awards over the last few years, but he refuses to display them all over the house, for one very sweet – and romantic – reason.

"I have a room in my house where I write songs, my writing room," Combs shared with and other media, backstage at the CMA Awards. "I haven't written too many songs there yet. I've been living there for about a year and I don't have anything hanging in my house, anywhere that guests would be or in our bedroom. That's me. I always wanted our house to be about me and my fiancée [Nicole Hocking], about our life together, not about my career."

Having all of his trophies in his writing room also serves as an inspiration for Combs, who writes all of the songs on his records.

"Going in that room and being able to write a song in there, it doesn't make me overconfident or cocky," maintained the singer. "It makes me know that me and the people that I work with have the ability to get it done if we want to get it done. So that would be where I would put them, in that writing room so that when I'm in there, if I'm tired or I don't have an idea, I can look up at these, especially the ones tonight and go, 'Hey, we've been there; we've achieved some really great things and we can do it again if we really put our minds to it.'"

Combs is grateful for his two wins, even though it makes him feel the need to work harder than ever before.


"I feel like the pressure's on now," Combs shared with and other media backstage at the CMA Awards. "I'm going to celebrate. I'm going to have a good time tonight, with [Hocking] and with my parents and my buddies right here, but we've got three sold-out shows this weekend. I got four shows next week and then I got Thanksgiving. So I think Thanksgiving will be a time to really reflect with my parents, her parents, her sister. Just having the immediate family there, I think will be really special and I'm looking forward to it."

Photo Credit: Terry / Getty Images