Luke Combs Invited to Become Next Grand Ole Opry Member

Luke Combs will be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry! The "Beautiful Crazy" singer was invited on Tuesday night, June 11, while taking the famous stage for the 16th time.

After performing his hit, "She Got the Best of Me," Combs was surprised to be joined on stage by fellow Opry members Chris Janson, Craig Morgan and John Conlee.

"We actually came out here to interrupt you because we want a little bit of your heat. We want to touch you," Conlee quipped. "What a career this guy is having. It is incredible. You all know that. We all know that. The Grand Ole Opry wants you to know that we just love you."

"Well I love the Grand Ole Opry," Combs said.

"We are proud you're here tonight, and I'm especially proud. I just love you," continued Morgan, before joining voices with Janson to together say, "How would you like to be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry?"

Combs immediately broke down in tears, taking several seconds to compose himself.

"Are you serious?" he finally asked. "'Cause if you're not serious, that would be really mean."

Combs was still speechless, so instead he launched into another song. An official date for his induction has yet to be announced.

After five consecutive No. 1 hits with his freshman This One's for You record, the North Carolina native just released an EP, The Prequel, while he works on his next full-length album.

"I didn't want people to think that it was the only thing we were going to do for a long time," Combs recently explained to and other media prior to his performance at Nissan Stadium as part of CMA Fest. "I didn't want to say, 'Oh well, we're just going to dump these five songs and that's kind of it.' I wanted them to know it's kind of a jumping off point for the next part of the career, whatever that may be as far as whether, it's a new album or a tour, or whatever."

This One's for You was released in 2017, followed by the deluxe version, This One's for You Too. Not only will his next record be another stepping stone, but in many ways it's also the end of one era for the singer.

"It's kind of coming to an end after, it's really been five years from writing the songs to making the album, to releasing the album, then the deluxe," Combs said. "I put the album out two years ago this week. Which, it's crazy to think we didn't even have an album out two years ago and we're playing a stadium for the second time. It's kind of a jumping off point."


2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Combs. He is also planning on wedding his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Hocking, later this year as well.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jason Kempin