Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Are 'Better Than Ever'

Luke Bryan shared an update on his relationship with his wife, Caroline, during an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, responding when he was asked about what kind of song he would write to document his time in quarantine. "My wife and I, we've had to re-learn," he explained. "Being in the crazy business I am, I mean, we've been together for quite a while and we're pretty proud."

"I'm trying to figure out a way to write that... there are some divorces going around out there, these quarantine divorces. But my wife and I, we're better than ever," he said, joking, "I guess 'Ain't Divorced Yet' or something." Bryan and Caroline married in December 2006 and share two sons, 12-year-old Bo and 9-year-old Tate. They also took in Bryan's two nieces Jordan and Kris, who are now out of college, and his nephew Til, who just graduated high school, several years ago, and were quarantined with the whole family as well as several of Til's friends for some time.

"We were down at the beach when quarantine really went, where it was where we decided, we're just going to stay there," Bryan recalled. "We had three 18-year-olds and a 16-year-old boy, so for two months, I had to prepare food for literally a football team. I'm like a James Beard chef now, I think."

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Lina gets hit with the train horn. #quarantine #toottoot

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Got Luke back....😈 “Somebody messes with me, I’m gonna mess with him”- Al Capone @ethanhelms 🎞

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Along with cooking, Bryan also used some of his time in quarantine to prank his wife, sharing a video in April of himself driving down the road behind an unsuspecting Caroline, who was riding her bike. "Caroline's about to get train-horned, and she doesn't know it," he said before honking what sounded exactly like a train horn, a noise that caused Caroline to pull her bike onto the grass and promptly fall off of it.


Later that month, she got her husband back, enlisting Til to help lift her up into a cabinet above the family's refrigerator, where she opened the door and screamed as Luke looked for some parmesan cheese. "Got Luke back," she wrote.