Luke Bryan Reveals His Favorite Part of Judging 'American Idol'

There are plenty of things that Luke Bryan enjoys about being on American Idol, including the chance to hang out with fellow judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, as well as host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones. The reality TV talent show also allows Bryan to introduce himself, and his music, to those who may not know much about country music. But for the 43-year-old, his favorite part is the opportunity to invest in the hopeful singers, who may be performing for the first time in public.

"It's exciting," Bryan told Nash Country Daily. "It's always about watching amazingly talented kids walk in the door from all these different backgrounds and knowing you can help facilitate their rise to stardom and their ability to get their music out there."

Bryan has a lot of respect for those who compete on Idol, especially since he doesn't think he would have done it as a young man.

"If I had been a 20-year-old kid and walked into Idol, I don't think I would've made it through," Bryan previously told and other media. "I think I may have charmed them with a goofy grin or something, but I don't know. And that's what you never know about these kids. I mean, when you end their dream right there, that's just not what me and Lionel and Katy are about. So we don't know if this is our last moment with them. We don't know if they will go on to win.

"But either way, it's really fun having their attention and giving them advice," he continued. "I think the country music role is not an 'Everybody helps everybody' [role], and it kind of shows ... Katy gives amazing advice too. We all have our little lane, but when I meet a kid that I don't think is going to make it but I see myself in them, I really feel like I have to encourage them to really chase that dream."

With two seasons already under his belt, Bryan is eager to return to American Idol, especially now that he has a little more experience.

"I love it. I'm settled in," Bryan said. "Me and Lionel and Katy and Bobby and Ryan, we're in our stride. What I love about American Idol is me and Lionel and Katy, we could tell jokes all day long and have antics and be goofy and all that, but when a great, when an amazingly talented kid walks in that room, that's when the show starts happening.


The next season of American Idol will premiere on Sunday, Feb. 16 on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty / David Livingston