Luke Bryan Reacts to Returning to 'American Idol': 'The Trio Is Getting Back Together'

Luke Bryan is speaking out about his return to American Idol, after the show recently announced that Bryan, along with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, would return for another season. The return will mark the judges' third season on the reality TV talent show.

"The trio is getting back together!" Bryan shared on social media. "Ready for another season of laughs, tears and wigs flying on [American Idol]. Get out there and audition! You never know, [The Next Idol] could be you..."

Variety was the first to report the news, revealing that Bobby Bones would also return as a mentor for the season, Idol's 18th, as well.

"American Idol is the original music competition series," said ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke, via the outlet. "It was the first of its kind to take everyday singers and catapult them into superstardom, launching the careers of so many amazing artists. We couldn't be more excited for Katy, Luke, Lionel and Bobby to continue in their roles as American Idol searches for the next great music star, with more live episodes and exciting, new creative elements coming this season."

Although the news of the three judges' return was just made official, Bryan previously hinted that he fully expected everyone to return in 2020.

"Love that a third season is on the way," Bryan told Taste of Country. "All things feel positive that me and Lionel and Katy will be back. We're doing the business of the business."

The Georgia native is especially proud of the work he did alongside both Perry and Richie to make the show as successful as it has been, especially since switching to ABC after Fox canceled the series.

"When Ryan Seacrest sends you a text message going, 'Thank you for really making this brand … a great brand' it's something that we're proud of. It's something I enjoy doing," Bryan said. "It's something that I work hard at."

Taping American Idol keeps Bryan even busier than normal, but it's also among the most fulfilling things, personally and professionally, he has ever done.

"I truly enjoyed the whole aspect of it," Bryan shared with and other media. "The whole learning curve of it, and working with Lionel and Katy. I mean, I can truly sit here and go, 'They are as excited and enjoying it, and are as invested' ... I think the people at home know that me and Lionel and Katy are really in there for the good of these kids, and getting them going.

"It's not something that we just roll in, we look at the clock, punch our two hours in and whoever is on stage," he added. "We truly care about what happens to them now. And any chance we can to help them out, we will."


Auditions for the next season of American Idol have already begun, although a premiere date has yet to be announced. More information, including audition details, can be found at by visiting the show's website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Allen Berezovsky