Luke Bryan's Reveals His Favorite Part of Christmas

Luke Bryan already revealed what his favorite Christmas gift was of all time -- his late brother's pick-up truck, but for Bryan, his greatest joy isn't unwrapping his own presents, but watching his children, including sons Bo and Tate, and nephew Til, open their own gifts.

"My favorite part of the holidays obviously is watching the kids – watching the boys' excitement for what they may or may not be getting and watching them tear open Christmas presents on Christmas morning," says Bryan. "You've got the fireplace going. You got Christmas music on the TV. You get up at 6am. You're exhausted and you've got all your family there. It doesn't get any better than certainly waking up on Christmas mornings and just having that special time."

Bryan might enjoy watching his children tear into the gifts, but he insists he and his wife, Caroline, don't go overboard too much when it comes to expensive presents.

"They're kind of spoiled all the time, so we don't go uber over the top during Christmas," Bryan explains to "We try to do a nice balance. But at the end of the day, I like to look under the tree and make sure we have a lot of presents, even if it's a pack of bubbles, or just something to where they have a lot of stuff to unwrap and go crazy about. It's not necessarily that it's all this crazy expensive stuff."


Bryan's latest album, What Makes You Country, was released earlier this month. He also recorded a version of "O Holy Night," which is available for download on iTunes.