Kangaroo Christmas Gifts Boomerang on Luke Bryan

Brett’s barn additions. #brettsbarn

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Luke Bryan has received a bit of backlash after gifting his wife, Caroline, with two baby kangaroos for Christmas. Several people on Instagram chastised the star for his present.

Bryan had originally shared a video of himself gifting his wife the animals in a cloth bag, with a shocked Caroline opening her eyes in surprise after she realized what was in front of her.

Despite the gesture, many fans were concerned about the animals.

"Young kangaroos are highly anxious animals and often don't last long in the hands of people aren't trained animal carers," wrote one follower.

Others opined that such young kangaroos shouldn't have been separated from their mothers just yet.

"If you do a tiny bit of research, you'd see that these guys stay suckling on their moms up until they are 18 months," another fan said. "These guys look about 1/2 that age bc clearly the breeder was willing to exploit them for the almighty dollar."

Some wrote that kangaroos are not meant to be pets.

"This is so wrong," one person commented. "Can u not see that they are wild animals and deserve to be in their own environment? Please do the right thing for them. They are not pets."

Bryan got his wife the marsupials so she could include them in Brett's Barn, a project she started after her niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, passed away earlier this year at just seven months old from multiple health problems. To honor the infant, Caroline created the barn, which includes two goats, two mini horses and a pig, along with a few more animal friends.

Caroline later shared a snap of the new additions to Instagram, writing that the kangaroos are "adjusting perfectly."


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