Loretta Lynn Shares Photo From 'Small' Thanksgiving Celebration: 'Stay Safe'

Like many people this year, Loretta Lynn kept her Thanksgiving celebration small due to the coronavirus pandemic, keeping her gathering to her immediate family. To commemorate the holiday, the country legend shared a photo from her day with fans on Instagram, posting a shot of herself sitting in a chair and smiling as her daughters Peggy and Patsy and son Ernie gave their mom a kiss.

"Y'all know my family is huge, but we kept Thanksgiving small this year because of Covid," Lynn wrote. "I am grateful that I got to see my four — Cissie, Earnie, Peggy, and Patsy. I can't wait until this is all over and I can have the whole Lynn crew over for a big celebration."

Lynn noted that the photo was taken after her daughter Cissie had left and that she would make sure to get all four of her children in the next family snap. "(Cissie missing in this pic taken after she'd left but I loved it. Getting all four of 'em in the next one—remembering to do that when they're all 4 there is a small miracle!)" she concluded. "love y'all, stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving!"

The 88-year-old also posted a cheerful video message with fans, sharing a quick, "Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!" "My thankful list is a mile long, enough for a million country songs!" her caption read. "This crazy year is almost over, hang in there. Love y'all and Happy Thanksgiving!"

Prior to Thanksgiving, Lynn celebrated Veteran's Day with photos of her "three favorite veterans"; her late husband, Doo, her late son Jack and her son Ernie.


"Here they are--my three favorite veterans--my husband Doo, and my boys Jack and Ernie," the singer wrote. "Y'all look how young Doolittle is here! I always thought my boys looked so handsome in their uniforms. I was so proud of them for serving. I've always loved our Veterans. Thanks to all you men and women out there who have served our nation. We are grateful! #thankyou #thankaveteran #america."