Listen to LOCASH's New 'Feels Like a Party' Single

LOCASH just released a brand-new single, "Feels Like a Party." The high-energy tune is from an upcoming album, marking their first release on Broken Bow Records.

"Landing a new record deal and putting out a new single in the same week is a crazy feeling," duo member Preston Brust says in a statement. "The response thus far has been incredible, especially from our friends at country radio, and to have people that you respect embrace you is the ultimate blessing."

"Feels Like a Party," which says, "It feels like a party / It feels like a damn good time to me / A bunch of country girls and back road boys / All here to drink and sing / So go on pour me something cold / Cause we ain't bout to leave / It feels like a party / It feels like a party to me," was written by Brust and fellow LOCASH member Chris Lucas, along with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder.

"It was so great to team up with Corey and Tyler on this song," Lucas says. "Those guys are unbelievably talented and we had a blast working with them; it really did feel like a party in the studio. We're so excited to share this song with the fans."

LOCASH previously was signed to Reviver Records, but knew from the beginning that Broken Bow was always their dream, thanks in part to the label's Vice-President, Jon Loba.

"We've known Loba for years and had our sights on BBR since before we signed our first deal but knew we had to get the timing right, now it just feels like all of the stars have finally aligned and this is where we're supposed to be," Brust says of their new chapter. "It is a bit of a 'pinch me' moment, we're such big fans of everybody on the roster and are honored to be named alongside such incredible artists."

LOCASH had their first No. 1 hit last year, with "I Know Somebody," which followed the Top 5 single, "I Love This Life," proving that all their hard work and years of playing bars was, finally, paying off.

"The past two years have definitely changed our lives," Lucas tells "It's been 12 years of hard work, and losing just about everything we could lose, and then finally getting to where we're going. It shows you dreams come true."


Listen or stream "Feels Like a Party" here.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring