Lindsay Ell Heads Overseas After Surgery to Remove Precancerous Cells

Lindsay Ell might have just had surgery to remove precancerous cells, but she wasn't down for long! Ell recently shared an update on Facebook, revealing she had already headed overseas, to perform a series of shows.

"I love you Berlin," Ell captioned the photo, showing her looking out over a scenic river.

Ell revealed last week that she was undergoing surgery, after a regular check-up showed she had precancerous cells that needed to be removed.

"I don't have cancer, but the doctor found pre-cancerous cells growing in my body that need to be removed," she shared on social media. "Sometimes we think we're fine, but never underestimate the power of a check up. It could save your life. Going in for surgery today. Gonna get this stuff out of my body."

Later, the Canadian shared that she came through surgery fine, and was ready to resume her busy schedule.

"Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday...everything went good," Ell said one day after her surgery. "Grateful for the doctors & nurses for getting me in before my month trip around the world....I leave tonight, and am a surgery thumbs up."

Ell certainly isn't going to let an outpatient operation slow her down. The ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year nominee is committed to being busier than ever in 2019, as she works on her upcoming sophomore album.

"I look at my record in half," Ell told "Maybe that'll be four songs, six songs. Maybe it'll be five and five. Maybe it'll be seven and four. I don't even know how many songs are going to end up on the album yet, but I kind of split it in two parts. I need some radio songs, and then I need songs that I know when I play a live show that fans are going to geek out at and they're going to get excited too.

"Maybe in the best of every world, those two worlds can collide and a song can be part of both categories, but it's okay if there's two different categories," she continued. "It's okay. They can easily end up on the same album and it sound fluid. They aren't completely different things, but they're just a different mindset when I go into the studio and I record it."

Ell's overseas tour dates include shows in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Find dates at


Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin