Lee Brice Scores 8th No. 1 Single With 'One of Them Girls'

Lee Brice has topped the charts for the third consecutive time with his latest single "One of Them Girls," which is Brice's fastest-rising single to date and the country singer's eighth No. 1 overall. "This song was embraced by both fans and radio from the get-go... it has flown," he said in a statement. "We felt there was something special about it on the night we wrote it and to see how it has resonated is such a blessing and humbling. We are over the moon!"

Brice wrote "One of Them Girls" with Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson and Ben Johnson and released the song this past spring. Brice previously shared that got the idea for the song on Father's Day in 2019 and called an "emergency songwriting session" after being inspired by his family. "I just love that the title could easily come across with a negative connotation at first," he said, via Country Now. "But, it's so very much about that girl that all of us — deep down, at the end of the day, at the end of our lives — really hope to have loving us."

Brice told Fox & Friends that the music video, which features a single mom who works as a firefighter, continues the message he hoped to share with the song. "The video says a lot. It's a strong woman," he said. "It's a single mother in the video, so it even takes the song to another level. She's also a firefighter, so she is a first responder. And there's a thing about the kind of girl that all us boys are really looking for at heart."

"One of Them Girls" serves as the lead single to Brice's upcoming album Hey World, which will be released on Nov. 20. The 41-year-old released the title track to the album in April and told PopCulture.com that he "felt like people should hear it." "It was really just a song that I wanted to put out there, no matter what happened to it," he explained.

Brice wrote "Hey World" with Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood and shared that Davidson came up with the line "Hey world, leave me alone, I don't wanna turn the TV on" after he had been watching the news and his 4-year-old son asked him to turn the TV off because it was scaring him.


"It was the news at the time, and the news was like 'x-amount of deaths' and 'new cases,'" Brice explained. "[Davidson] goes, 'Wow, I guess that it's scary for an adult, much less a four-year-old.' And so it just kinda put him in a different perspective." After hearing the line, Brice recalled telling Davidson, "You know what, we gotta write that. And we have to write it, and we don't need to try to cookie coat it, sugar coat it."