Lee Brice Credits Kellie Pickler With Song Inspiration

When Lee Brice began working on his self-titled fourth studio album, he probably had no idea that fellow singer Kellie Pickler would inspire one of the tracks on the record. But that's exactly what happened with "Songs in the Kitchen," thanks to an impromptu jam with Pickler and Randy Houser.

"She's a big part of this record," Brice tells Taste of Country Nights, recalling the night the three of them broke away from a party at Brice's house, and found themselves jamming in the garage, just the three of them with a guitar.

We were just singing just to sing," Brice recalls. "We were just enjoying it. We were like, 'Wow, we're just singing to sing, we're not at work.' ... Kellie stops and she goes, 'God guys, this is so awesome. Don't you just miss the days when you just sat around the kitchen and just sang songs?'"

Brice wrote the title down, and later penned the song with Rob Hatch and Lance Miller, although he says the credit belongs to Pickler.

"She talks in song titles all the time," he says of his friend. "You could write ten song titles down just from her talking. It's awesome. She's so cool."

Brice's latest single, "Boy," from his recent record is currently in the Top 20. The song, which says "You're gonna drop the ball /Hit the wall /And break some hearts like glass /I know you will, 'cause you're a part of me / And a part of you will always be my boy," spoke to the father of three (including two little boys and baby girl, Trulee), even though it's one of a handful on Lee Brice that he didn't write.

"That song reminded me of my daddy. And now, as a daddy, I realize how hard he was trying to teach me things that he wanted me to learn for me, not for him," Brice told The Boot. "He wanted me to learn these things so that I could be ahead in life, so that I could be ahead in life in joy, and so I could be ahead in life at not having to work so hard and learn all these lessons the hard way. So now I'm trying to teach my kids, and they aren't listening to me.

"They don't know that I'm trying to help -- [that] it's all about them," he continued. "So the connection between my daddy and myself, and now myself and my sons, that is what makes "Boy," the song, so special ... I have yet to get through it onstage without breaking down."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/LeeBrice