Kenny Chesney Suffers Unfortunate Injury Mid-Concert

Country music star Kenny Chesney recently suffered an unfortunate injury mid-concert that left him bleeding on stage. According to Taste of Country, cut his finger during a Saturday show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Lincoln Financial Field. The outlet noted that it was no clear exactly how Chesney cut his finger but reported that a medical technician came to the stage and bandaged up his left hand.

Taste of Country also noted that as Chesney's wound was being attended to, he continued to sing "American Kids," and never even missed a word. Philadelphia radio station 92.5 XTU posted video of the incident on their Instagram page, commenting that Chesney was "gushing blood from his finger" and "had someone come out on stage to tape it, all while not missing beat!!!!!" One fan who was seemingly at the concert replied to the post, "19 years and about 28 concerts later this guy still rocks my world! Soo much energy and an amazing show tonight at the Linc!"

Chesney isn't the only country start to run into trouble mid-set lately, as The Chicks were recently forced to suddenly end a show in Indianapolis, Indiana 30 minutes after taking the stage, and they have since delayed a few of their other tour dates. The cause of the trouble was due to singer Natalie Maines having vocal issues that required medical attention. In a statement posted to social media, the group explained, "Indianapolis, we are so sorry we could not give you the show you deserved OR the show we wanted to give you. 

The statement continued, "We will be back Indianapolis!! Hold onto your tickets. Ticket holders will be contacted by the official point of purchase with further information. We love you Indianapolis." The Chicks later announced that "as a result of strict doctor's orders for vocal rest, the Chicks are forced to postpone" shows. The impacted concert dates are for performances scheduled in Clarkston, Michigan; Noblesville, Indiana; and Cincinnati, Ohio. Those shows have since been rescheduled for late September or early October.

Many of the groups fans have take to the post comments to share their support, with one person sharing, "Flew in from Charlotte to see you ladies. Even though the show ended early, you still delivered 6 incredible songs. We [love] you and support you and look forward to seeing you in Charlotte in July. Feel better, Natalie."