The Chicks' Natalie Maines Calls Donald Trump a 'Murderer' Amid Rising Coronavirus Numbers in the US

The Chicks have never tried to hide their feelings about Donald Trump, and frontwoman Natalie Maines shared another message for the president on Twitter early on Thursday, calling Trump a "murderer" amid still-rising coronavirus numbers in the United States. "You are a murderer," Maines began after directing her tweet to Trump.

She continued: "I understand that your brain is compromised by your narcissism and you are incapable of comprehending this statement, but make no mistake, every disillusioned word out of your mouth is self-centered and compromising American lives." Maines rarely tweets, but the majority of her messages on the platform are critiques of POTUS and efforts to make social change. In March, when the coronavirus pandemic began, Maines implored Trump to deal with the threat factually.

"I am begging you [Donald Trump] please use your podium to give factual information to Americans," she tweeted on March 23. "If you lead successfully we will pat you on the back. You're gonna pull a muscle constantly patting yourself on the back. #narcissist #gaslighter #denier #fingerpointer #backpatter."

As of Thursday morning, there have been over 6.65 million reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States and over 197,000 deaths.

Maines and bandmates Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer were famously blacklisted from the country music industry in 2003 after Maines told a London audience she was ashamed then-president George W. Bush was from Texas, but during a recent appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Maines said that her feelings about Bush are a bit different now that she's watched Trump in office.


"You know, I joke that today I might actually make out with George Bush," she laughed to host Andy Cohen. "I don't rethink that I didn't want to go to war and that 'weapons of mass destruction' were a lie, but, yes, it would be a huge love fest if I saw George Bush right now because of where we're at with this current president."

After Cohen asked the women if they had come into contact with Bush or any members of his family, The Chicks shared that they have not since the controversy but had met him prior. "Emily and I used to go sing the national anthem at [Texas] Rangers games," Maguire recalled. "He had a box in the front, and we would be all friendly and say, 'Hey.'"