Kelsea Ballerini Drops Vulnerable New Track, 'la,' From Upcoming Self-Titled Album

She promised to be open on her next record, but Kelsea Ballerini is taking vulnerability to a whole new level with her new track, "la." The song, from her upcoming self-titled Kelsea album, gives a painfully honest look into the singer's complicated relationship with Los Angeles, which she alternately loves and loathes.

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"I wrote this song alone on a bathroom floor in Los Angeles last year feeling equal parts like somebody and like nobody, surrounded and completely alone, inspired and terrified, on top of the world and filled to the brim with anxiety," Ballerini shared on social media. "I was in between tour dates and left my guitar on the bus that particular week, so it came out as a stream of consciousness that fell into the form of a poem. As soon as I got to the bus a few days later it became this.

"It's the most vulnerable thing I've publicly shared," she added. "It's not cool to talk about not feeling cool. but it's honest. and I'm really proud of every word of it. 'la' is out NOW."

The song, which says in part, "I wonder if I'll get invited to the party / Yeah and if I do, will I go? / If I go, will I know somebody? / I'm on my third glass of wine tryin' to find conversation / In a room with bigger names / But other days I'm lookin' out for real estate," is just one song on Ballerini's next record, which she promises is painfully honest.

"The more I grow up and own my artistry, and own who I'm becoming, and who I am, I stand more firmly in myself," she explained in a video posted on Instagram. "That shows in my songwriting, and in my music, so this album is called Kelsea."

Ballerini hasn't revealed a full tracklist for her next record, but she did reveal she collaborated with hit singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels and more. Her debut single from the project, "homecoming queen?" is already in the Top 15 and climbing.

Kelsea drops on March 20, and is currently available for pre-order on her website. Ballerini has yet to announce any tour plans for 2020.


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