Kelly Clarkson Speaks out About Rumored Carrie Underwood Feud

For years, rumors have been circling of a feud between American Idol winners, Kelly Clarkson (Season 1) and Carrie Underwood (Season 4). But now Clarkson, who posed with Underwood on the red carpet at the recent Radio Disney Music Awards, is speaking out, insisting the two celebrities have no animosity between them.

"Everybody always tries to pit me and Carrie against each other," Clarkson tells Entertainment Tonight. "So, when I saw her I was like, 'You know what? Let's just end this right now and get a picture together because we never are in the same place.' It never happens.

"People always try to put it together like we're enemies," she continues. "And I'm like, 'We don't even know each other well enough to be enemies.' I went to get a picture, and then everybody lost their mind."

Clarkson and Underwood have previously spoken out about admiration for one another, after a poll was posted by The Tylt on Twitter asking people to vote whether Clarkson or Underwood was the favorite Idol winner.

"I think we're both winning in life and pretty blessed! Singers, mamas, CEO's... [Ambitious Blondes] go ahead [Carrie Underwood]" Clarkson tweeted along with numerous emojis.

"Whatever, girl, I voted for you!" Underwood responded. "But seriously, I do wish more publications would just celebrate women's success without pitting them against each other... Just my thoughts... anyway... Love ya'! Hope you're well!"

Clarkson and Underwood aren't the only two female artists who are speaking out against the way women in music are pitted against each other. Kelsea Ballerini has also taken a stand, after a similar poll was posted online, asking country music fans to vote for their favorite female artist.

"Since I put out my first single over four years ago, every interview includes some form of question about the females in country music... or the current lack thereof," Ballerini writes. "So we swim upstream and wear ourselves out trying to be heard and finally see the charts start to mention a few more of our names, the categories recognize a few more of our songs, and even start to cheer each other on. But then there's something as simple and seemingly harmless as this, that sets us back."


Clarkson was the recipient of the Icon Awards at the recent Radio Disney Music Awards, while Underwood took home the Hero Award.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Valerie Macon