Watch Keith Urban Perform Acoustic Version of 'I'll Be Your Santa Tonight'

Keith Urban just shared an acoustic video of him performing his new holiday song, "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight." Urban posted the performance video on social media, giving fans a new way to enjoy what is bound to become a Christmas classic.

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"‘Tis the season," Urban captioned the video, using both a Christmas tree and a guitar emoji.

"I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" might be about the holiday season, but Urban came up with the festive tune in the heat of summer!

"We started writing in my studio, which I decked out with colored Christmas lights, a tree, tinsel and of course I put the AC on arctic, so it was freezing!" Urban recalled in a statement. "Shane [McAnally] says to me, 'Do you have a piano?' and I say, 'Yeah, but its upstairs.' So, we head upstairs to the living room –– nice and warm and toasty, with no Christmas decorations of any sort. Of course, we end up writing the whole thing there –– go figure."

For years, the Aussie has wanted to write a Christmas song, but he only wanted to do it if he could provide a unique storyline in the lyric.

"I wanted to write a song that could kind of just travel anywhere really, I guess, and be also about the sort of the romantic side of this particular Christmas Eve," Urban explained "The idea that this girl is about to have the bleakest Christmas cause there’s too much fog, there’s no snow, her mom’s not going to be able to make it, her sister can’t come, it’s all going to be a complete mess. And the guy steps up and says it’s gonna happen. 'I’ll bring the magic.'"

Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, will likely once again spend the holidays Down Under, even though that means their holiday won't be a white Christmas.


"We still love going to the beach at Christmas time, as long as we’re in Australia, because it’s like the Fourth of July," Urban said. "It’s huge. Everybody’s out. It feels very celebratory. It’s in the '90s. It’s crazy, but having grown up with that, it feels very natural to me. Albeit it, we still had all of the same Christmas songs, so we’re in like 90-degree heat with shorts and tank tops singing 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland.' I remember getting Christmas cards of like Santa on a surfboard, so that probably explains a lot."

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer