Keith Urban Fans Can't Get Enough of His 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert' Performance

Keith Urban's performance of his latest single, "God Whispered Your Name," on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert caught the attention of many of his adoring fans. In fact, his performance was so great that it sparked up plenty of fan reactions to it on social media.

"Oh I saw it and it was awesome. Love his music!" one fan wrote on Facebook.

"Enjoyed VERY much! A wonderful entertainer!" another fan wrote about his performance.

"Keith Urban what a beautiful song and you can really play that guitar," yet another fan commented about Urban's skills.

Not only were fans totally blown away by his performance on the Late Show, but it also sparked many of those same fans to share stories about the times when they got to see Urban in concert.

"I've seen him 6 times. He never disappoints," a fan noted about the singer. "He's an amazing artist no matter what instrument he plays, and he can play a lot!!! He's the most talented performer out there."

"Saw him live in Vegas last month and he is the most amazing performer I've ever seen," another fan concurred about Urban. "Such a generous heart and human being it was a pleasure to watch him perform. A good 2 1/2 hours worth of his music and talent is well appreciated by everyone."

"I just love Keith Urban!" one fan noted on Facebook. "Such a great singer & absolutely one of the best guitar players. Only seen him once in concert , sure would love to see him again."

Urban previously spoke out about his now-fan-favorite single via his record label.


"'God Whispered Your Name' really spoke to me the very first time I heard it," Urban shared. "The opening line: 'I was so cold and lost / and nothing seemed to ring true,' God, I know that place so well. The rest of the song unfolded, and I just followed it every step of the way. At the end of the day if I'm gonna record a song that I didn't write, like this one, then it's gonna be a song that speaks to me really strongly."

"And 'God Whispered Your Name' absolutely spoke to me and tells my journey in such a profound way," the country singer continued. "Going through a season in life of being very lost and lonely and confused and not knowing a how to get out of that, and then the chorus hits — 'God Whispered Your Name' and everything starts to open up and become clear. And that second verse when it said, 'I can feel the sunshine for the first time in a while,' again, it just went right to the core of me. And (it was) the most extraordinary song, and I just knew right then and there I had to get into the studio and record it."