Kane Brown Reveals the Hardest Part of Becoming a Father

When Kane Brown's daughter, Kingsley Rose, was born in October, everything changed for Brown, from his priorities, to his schedule, to the car he drives. While Brown loves his new role as a father, he admits there is one part of having a baby that is still a struggle for him, especially while on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour with Russell Dickerson and Chris Lane serving as his opening acts.

"It's amazing to be a dad," Brown told SiriusXM's The Highway's Storme Warren. "I think the hardest thing is being on the road and trying to find ... not only are you trying to find family time with your baby and your wife, you also have family out there. Your band, and you know I've got Russell and Chris out, that I haven't really got a chance to hang out with or talk to, so it's finding time to hang out with them as well.

"Just hang out with their crew and get to know everybody, 'cause you never know; they could be touring with me two to three years down the road," he added. "Finding time is really the hardest thing right now."

Brown at least gets to bring both his wife, Katelyn, and daughter on the road with him for some of his stateside dates, thanks to his brand-new bus.

"We get a new tour bus in January so they're going to knock out –– there's a couch in the back, beside our bed," Brown explained to Extra. "They're going to knock out half the couch beside our bed and put in a crib so she'll be able to sleep back there with us."

Brown was raised by a single mother, with his father imprisoned for most of Brown's life. Although he didn't have a father as a role model, the 26-year-old is still determined to be the best dad that he can be.

"Now I got my backbone in my daughter and my wife," Brown shared in his new Velocity documentary. "I know they'll always be there. I feel a little more grown-up. I still feel like the little kid, but I feel like I'm grown-up, now that I'm a dad."


Brown's Worldwide Beautiful Tour resumes on March 19 in Ottawa, Ontario. Find tour dates by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin