Kane Brown Reveals Daughter Kingsley's New Milestone

Kane Brown's daughter, Kingsley, is just about to turn 6 months old, and the infant has recently released an adorable new baby milestone, her dad shared in an interview with RADIO.com. "She finally just found her tongue, so she keeps her tongue out all the time," he said. "I'm waiting for her first words. She ain't got to that point yet, but she's almost crawling, so I'm just excited to be able to witness it all."

The 26-year-old added in response to a fan question that he sees his quarantine "kind of a blessing, and a curse, of course. ... The blessing for me is just getting to see everything that she does," Brown said of Kingsley. "I'm not missing one second." As for his own quarantine activities, the "Cool Again" singer is keeping things pretty simple. "I've just been hanging out with my kid and my wife, riding four-wheelers in the woods, been walking on our trails and playing a lot of video games," Brown said during the interview, which he conducted from his wife Katelyn's closet, where he's moved his video games while the couple has a houseguest.

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Kane and Katelyn have been getting some help during quarantine from Katelyn's mom, who is currently living with the couple. "She's been down here basically since the beginning," Brown said on The Bobby Bones Show. "She didn't fly, she drove 12 hours and she's quit her job and she's kind of just like our, of course she's my mother-in-law, Kate's mom, but she's kind of like a nanny as well. She gives me and Kate some alone time and gets to watch her grandbaby as well."

Like everyone else, Kane hasn't been able to get a haircut during quarantine, but he told Bobby Bones that he won't let Katelyn cut his hair in the meantime. "She wants to give me a haircut, I don't let anybody touch my hair," Brown said. "It's the longest I've ever went without having a haircut, so it's crazy right now."


Kane told Extra that he thinks he and his wife "have adjusted pretty good" to quarantine. "Kingsley wouldn't know the difference," he joked of his daughter, who turns six months old on April 29. The Georgia native added that he's "a homebody" and loves "watching movies, playing Xbox, taking my four-wheeler through the trails."