Kane Brown’s Next Album Will Feature More Genre-Bending Collaborations

Kane Brown is currently working on his next album, which will be the follow-up to his 2020 EP [...]

Kane Brown is currently working on his next album, which will be the follow-up to his 2020 EP Mixtape Vol. 1. In an interview with Billboard, shared a few hints about his next project, including the fact that it will feature more of the collaborations that Brown has become known for. "I like so many different sounds, so it's finding which ones go together," he explained.

Brown continued, "I've got some that are pretty rock-heavy, one's almost over-the-top metal. Of course, two pop songs, and one with the artist H.E.R." H.E.R. recently performed with Chris Stapleton at the CMT Music Awards, which Brown co-hosted. The 27-year-old added that he is "working on the album right now" and has "been writing basically every day." Mixtape Vol. 1 featured collaborations with Swae Lee and Khalid and John Legend and Brown has also worked with a number of artists in the past including country artists like Lauren Alaina and Chris Young and artists from other genres like Becky G, Marshmello and Nelly.

Brown was speaking in conversation with Mickey Guyton and Brothers Osborne, two acts that are also pushing boundaries in country music and have openly expressed their thoughts on the genre's need for change. Brown admitted that he has struggled in sharing his feelings on social media over the past year and instead discusses what he's going through in his music.

"I tend to channel a lot of my honest feelings or experiences into my songs," he said. "I'm very open with my fans about my life, but I also try to stay positive. It's honestly a balance I'm figuring out, but a barrier comes down when writing lyrics. Writing [2016 single] 'Learning' was a way to talk about growing up, and I hope when other people hear that song or other songs of mine that it gives them hope."

Over the past few years, Brown has become one of the fastest-rising stars in country music and has hard work to thank for his success. "When I was coming into the music industry, I was trying to go through all the X Factors and American Idols," he said. "I basically started all of this on my own. I failed so many times and then overcame everything. Where I came from, living in a trailer, going to 12 different schools? I feel like I'm on top of the world." While he's hard at work on his new album, Brown shared that he's "more focused on touring," with plans to kick off his Blessed & Free Tour on Oct. 1. You can get tickets to his shows here.

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