Kane Brown on Friendship With Jason Aldean: 'He's a Great Mentor'

Kane Brown is opening up about his friendship with Jason Aldean. The rising star, who is currently opening for Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour, previously opened for Aldean on Aldean's They Don't Know Tour. Both times, Brown took plenty of notes from his tour boss.

"I learned that energy is everything in a show, and it was because of him," Brown told ABC Radio. "You know, he's a great mentor, and if I ever have any questions, I just go to him and he always has the answer."

Aside from their love of country music, Brown has a lot of other things in common with Aldean, which is why their friendship remains solid.

"Me and Jason are really the same guy," said Brown. "We're super laid-back, and then we both change once we get onstage."

"And we relate to so many things," he continued. "We like to do the same things. We're both [Georgia Bulldog] fans, so we love watching football. He's just -- yeah, he's basically a big brother to me."

Brown previously opened up to PopCulture.com about his close friendship with Aldean, and how much Aldean took care of him.

"Aldean's like a brother to me, always looks out for me," Brown revealed. "If I ever need anything, he's always there. He's upset that I'm about to move an hour away from him. We're going to be on the road together just kicking it and watching the Georgia Bulldogs."

Brown and his wife, Katelyn Jae, will welcome their first child, a girl, into the world later this year. It's fitting that Brown is on the road with Aldean while Jae is pregnant, since it was Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, who urged the newlyweds to have a baby.

"She keeps asking if we're having one," Brown told Taste of Country.

The love between Brown and Aldean clearly goes both ways, with the reigning ACM Artist of the Decade a fan of Brown both as an artist and a person.


"Kane was out with us a couple years ago, and I just kind of hit it off with him," Aldean said. "He's kind of become my little brother almost, and so when I go on tour, I mean, I wanna be out there with guys that I like hanging out with, and it doesn't hurt that Kane's on fire right now. I mean, he's hot as it gets, so I'm just excited to have him back out. I'm excited to see his show, but also just to kind of have a buddy out there on tour with us for the year."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Frazer Harrison