Watch Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Love Is a Wild Thing' Live From Tokyo

Kacey Musgraves headed overseas for a series of shows in Asia, where she performed "Love Is a Wild Thing" in Tokyo. The song is from Musgraves' 2017 Golden Hour album.

Decked out in floral pants and a fluffy pink fur coat, Musgraves flawlessly delivered lines like "Running like a river trying to find the ocean / Flowers in the concrete / Climbing over fences, blooming in the shadows / Places that you can't see / Coming through the melody when the night bird sings / Love is a wild thing," against a backdrop of flowers and parasols in varying shades of pink.

The song is one of 13 tracks on her latest record that shows a more personal side of Musgraves than she has revealed in the past.

"I feel like this album for sure is my most personal collection of songs yet," Musgraves tells "I've always written from first-hand experience, and every song that I've ever written has been personal, obviously. But these are just different. It's hard to explain. I feel like through the making of this record, I kind of went through a more introspective chapter.

"Getting ready to get married," she continues. "My life completely changed when I met the right person and a lot of negative habits and patterns kind of went away. I adopted a lot of new happiness, and so naturally I was inspired by all that."

"Love is a Wild Thing" is just one song on Golden Hour that shows Musgraves relationship with her husband, Ruston Kelly, who she was dating as she wrote the tracks for the record.

"Along with new love, there's all these other parts of life that inspire me," she says. "It's not just the new wife; it's the girl that's living in Tennessee away from her whole family, missing her mom. It's the girl figuring out how to go on tour and come back home and still have friends. It's all these things. It's the girl that's sick of the news and is excited thinking more towards the beautiful things about the Earth that we kind of miss on a daily basis.

"I just wanted to make a well-rounded album," adds Musgraves, "but nothing really goes into thinking about that as much as I just wanted therapeutically [to] write about kinda what I'm going through."


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Photo Credit: YouTube