Justin Moore Says TV Has 'Never Really Been There' for Him in Spite of Radio Success

Justin Moore has had numerous No. 1 albums and chart-topping singles, not to mention sold-out shows all over the country. Still, the singer is rarely asked to perform on TV for live awards shows or other events, which would allow him the opportunity to perform in front of millions of fans – not that he cares.

"I was asked on the radio today what I thought about the lack of TV time I've had over the years as it compares to the exposure that I've been able to be afforded on radio," Moore shared at a media event celebrating the release of his latest Late Nights and Longnecks record. "I decided many, many years ago, that radio gave me my first opportunity and has continued to stand by my side since 2007, 2008."

"And I say that to say this, thank you very much country radio for giving me a voice in this business," he continued. "It's been unbelievable. The chances that you've taken on me; if the other stuff comes, great, but I always know that you guys have had my back and will continue to do so. I very much appreciate that."

Moore's current single, "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home" was inspired by Moore's own family.

"Both of my grandfathers served," Moore told PopCulture.com. "One in the Navy and one in the Air Force and then I had a ton of cousins and that kind of stuff. Really my grandfathers were the ones that influenced me to be cognizant about being very appreciative and respectful of our men and women who serve and have served."

Moore hopes the song becomes another chart-topping hit for him, but he's already considering the song a massive success because of how people respond to it.

"I learned with ["If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"], obviously it's fun and it's exciting to have No. 1 songs, and it's good for your career, all that stuff, and all that comes along with that," Moore said. "But it's really cool when you have a song that genuinely touches people and impacts their lives. Having that chance to go across the country and hear from people face to face in meet and greets and whatnot, how much that song helped them through a difficult time, I thought, 'Wow, that's pretty cool. It would be nice to have another one of those type songs. It was more special than just a hit song in other words."


Moore will hit the road early next year on his Late Nights and Longnecks Tour with Tracy Lawrence. Purchase his record at his official website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Paul Morigi