Justin Moore Injured by Horse During Photo Shoot

Justin Moore was injured in a photo shoot, but is thankfully going to be okay. The Arkansas native shared the gruesome injury on social media.

"Anything for art!" Moore wrote. "First time in my career I've been stepped on by a horse during an album photo shoot. [Laughing out loud]. Hopefully, we got the shot though! New album, Late Nights and Longnecks coming soon!"

The good news is we now know the title of Moore's fifth new album seems to be Late Nights and Longnecks, which will follow Moore's 2016 Kinda Don't Care record. Although Moore hasn't revealed too many details, he has hinted that his next set of tunes will be very country.

"I've said in interviews for years that if I could record any album I wanted to, it would be one that sounded like it came out in the '90s," Moore told CMT. "So, we're doing a really traditional '90s sounding album."

"I think I was eight years old with no responsibilities whatsoever when that music was the soundtrack of my life," Moore continued. "Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, David Lee Murphy, Daryle Singletary … I could go on."

The 34-year-old credits his fans with giving him the freedom to make the music he wants to make, without regard to the latest trends.

"It's tough [to stick to your guns] because I've probably missed out on opportunities that otherwise I would have had … I can't tell you how many times I've been told to take my cowboy hat off so I'd be on TV more," Moore admitted. "But to me, it was never about that. It was about longevity and doing what you love. I got into this because I love doing it.

"Fortunately our fans have never wavered," he added. "They've always been there."

Thankfully, Moore hasn't had any trouble finding fans, and thinks his fan base will likely get bigger in the future, thanks to all the ways fans can access music these days.

"I think with all the different outlets and ways for people to find music nowadays, I don't think it's ever gonna condense back into one thing ever again," Moore said in a press release. "There's just too many ways to find too many different things. But, I do think maybe the desire for people to hear it is maybe stronger right now than it has been in the past few years.

"And that's one of the things I'm really proud about our career is, we did a song here or there that was a little different for us, but 99 percent of what we've done has been pretty straight-forward country," he added. "Our lane is a lot more narrow than a lot of people, and I'm proud of the fact that we still are here making music and having success doing it."


"The Ones That Didn't Make it Back Home" is the debut single from Late Nights and Longnecks. The song is available for download on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Bryan Steffy