Justin Moore's 3-Year-Old Son Breaks His Leg on a Trampoline

Justin Moore's 3-year-old son, South, recently broke his leg while on a trampoline with his [...]

Justin Moore's 3-year-old son, South, recently broke his leg while on a trampoline with his siblings, an incident that happened on the singer's watch. Moore told Taste of Country Nights that between himself and his wife, Kate, he is more of a helicopter parent, and was at home with his four kids while his wife was out of town on business. Along with South, Moore and Kate share daugthers Ella Kole, 11, Kennedy Faye, 9, and Rebecca Klein, 7.

"I'm totally comfortable with it. I go pick 'em up from school, we go outside," he said. "They're all four on the trampoline and my 7-year-old is usually really good about keeping out for her brother and stopping her sisters from doing something stupid, you know. So I said, 'I'm gonna run in, I'm gonna grab a glass of water. I'll be right back.'" When he did return, things weren't as he had left them.

"My 11-year-old was nowhere to be found," Moore recalled. "My 9-year-old, who's a little more devious in nature, had double-jumped him, if you know what I mean by that. So I carried him to the doctor and low and behold, broken." The "Why We Drink" singer shared that his wife was able to calm him down virtually, but his dad gave him a bit of a hard time.

"Look, I know how many broken bones and stitches I had, and my son broke his other leg last year with my dad at church in two places," he said. The 36-year-old also discussed the incident on a February episode of his podcast, The Justin Moore Podcast, sharing that he "couldn't have been gone three minutes."

"I get back out there, Ella's gone," he said. "They're screaming, 'Dad, South's really hurt!' I'm thinking, 'I'm sure he's not, he's a baby.'" The father of four explained that he couldn't get a "straight story" from his two younger daughters on what had happened, ultimately discovering the double bounce. He took South to the doctor the next day as a precaution, only to find out that the 3-year-old had broken his leg.

"Long story short, he's gotten the cast off and he's back to running around like crazy," Moore shared of his son. "That was a pretty fun week, to say the least. I was happy to be here and get to spend time with the kids but it went a little bit awry."