Jordan Davis Takes Notes From Headliners on Tour

Jordan Davis is quickly becoming a seasoned performer. The 30-year-old headlined his own White Wine and Whiskey Tour last year, and is spending the summer performing with Jake Owen and Chris Janson on Owen's Life's Whatcha Make It Tour, and will return to perform more shows with Kip Moore this fall, this time on Moore's After the Sunburn Tour.

Through it all, Davis is learning how best to engage with his fans, and deliver the best show, night after night.

"I try to take away something from every artist," Davis tells and other media. "Going out with Kip, I took away from what he does; I don't think he played the same show every night, so something changed. Anybody that's talked to Kip Moore, he's a pretty passionate dude and he has that same passion for his music, so I kind of took that fire into my shows and try to make the best show every night. Going into playing with Chris Janson and Jake Owen – Chris is a blast to watch and it doesn't matter where he's at, how long he's playing, what he's playing, he's putting on the best show he can.

"Jake is just a guy that is more kind of, fly by the seat of his pants," Davis continues. "It's incredible to me to see his set list side stage every night and then see the songs they actually play. I think that is something that any artist and any performer wants to get to a point with their band that out of nowhere it can go this way and as a fan and as a spectator, you would never know that that happened with him going back to his talkback mic and go, 'Hey, I don't want to play that song, I want to play this.' Every night for me, to get to stay up, stand side stage and watch those guys, I try to kind of pull something from what they're doing to try to better my show."

Davis has his own No. 1 hit to play each night, with his debut hit, "Singles You Up," which was written by Davis, along with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach. For Davis, who initially wanted to be a songwriter instead of an artist, the early chart success is validation for him that he can successfully do both.

"I moved to town to write songs," says Davis. "The artist thing, that kind of came along after really struggling to get a publishing deal, to be honest with you. I feel like I had a specific way that I wrote songs, and a unique way that I delivered them, and it just so happens that I found some people that wanted to take a chance on me and make a record. For me, I can't think of any other way of putting music out, if I didn't have something to do with it."


Both "Singles You Up" and Davis' current single, "Take It From Me," are from his freshman Home State album. Purchase the record at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring