John Schneider Offers Encouragement to Those Affected by California Wildfires

John Schneider spent several years of his life living in the parts of California currently being devastated by the tragic wildfires. Although the Dukes of Hazzard star now calls Louisiana home, he is still heartbroken for those currently impacted by the widespread damage.

"My heart goes out to my old friends and neighbors in Thousand Oaks, Aguora Hills and the surrounding areas," Schneider said in a statement. "All I can really offer by way of experience is, if you use the combined tragedies over the past days, as kind of a glue to bind you closer as families, and as a community. Stick together. Hold one another up in this very difficult time. I know you can do it, because you still live in one of the greatest communities in America."

"This is a designation earned not by its landscape, but by its people," he added. "God bless you. Stay strong. Stand proud, and hold one another up."

Schneider is no stranger to tragedy. The 58-year-old endured not one but two floods in his Louisiana homes, destroying both his house and movie studio twice, within a few short months. Schneider detailed his pain from those events in one of his performances on Dancing With the Stars.

"We live right next to a river that has a bend in it. When the river flooded, it no longer had a bend in it. It came straight through my mother's house, straight through my house, and just destroyed everything in its path," Schneider shared prior to his dance.

Schneider was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars in Week 7, after his jazz routine to John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," with his pro partner, Emma Slater. But Schneider is certainly not depressed by the outcome.

"[I'm] not sad at all," Schneider wrote on Facebook. "This was indeed one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! I feel like Emma and I are winners winners winners! My love to everyone who voted in [and] supported us during this amazing experience! Now continue to vote for my friends on dancing with the stars and I will do a live feed sometime in the next couple of days after I am rested up! Thank you again for this wonderful experience!"


At least 23 people have died in the California wildfires. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, including the home of Miley Cyrus. Thousand Oaks, which has been severely damaged by the flames, is also where the recent shooting occurred at Borderline club, killing 12.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Monica Morgan