John Carter Cash Talks Upcoming Family Cookbook

John Carter Cash comes from an iconic family in the music business — his father is Johnny Cash and his mother June Carter Cash — and while the family might be primarily known for their music, they also held another pastime close to their hearts.

Along with singing, the family was also fond of cooking, often hosting dinner parties with their famous friends and family. To honor his parents, Carter Cash is releasing The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook, which will contain light and healthy dishes, international dishes, recipes for comfort food and of course, dessert.

"I'm a cook," Carter Cash explained to "I cook all the time for my family and I grew up in a household of cooks. My mother and father both cooked. And there are some of their recipes there, but some of my own creations, other family recipes. And then there are memories from friends of my parents. I hadn't even had meals at their house."

The book also includes recipes from Carter Cash's sisters, Rosanne and Tara Cash, and his wife, Ana Cristina Cash.

"It's not only about the cookbook, it's about the fellowship around the table," Carter Cash explained. "It's all about family, friends, and connection, and specifically around the dinner table."

Besides recipes, the book features stories from family friends including Jane Seymour, Lisa and Kris Kristofferson, U2's Adam Clayton, Jon Prine and many others.

Carter Cash shared that one of his favorite stories involves Jon Byrne and a bowl of chili.

"There's a few good stories there," he said. "I really like the story about Jon Byrne and how my dad sent him a bowl of chili and it wound up getting eaten at a party Jon was having before Jon could ever have a bite. That's a great story."

The cookbook also includes a story from Loretta Lynn, who, according to Carter Cash, "sounds better than she's ever sounded."

"She's just energetic, ready to go. I think she's about to go into the studio and record some more music," he said of the icon, who suffered a stroke in May 2017. "She's always creating. And her spirit has not modified and she's just as bright as she ever was."

In addition to the book, Carter Cash has released multiple musical projects in recent months. While he wears many different hats, as an artist, producer, author and more, he explained that it feels natural to switch roles.

"It's whatever's next," he said. "It's whatever I'm most excited about at the time. But still, it's my own creativity."

The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook will be released on September 25.


Photo Credit: Getty / Bettmann