Jimmie Allen Wants a Real Magic Wand to Help Those in Need (Exclusive)

Jimmie Allen could be poised to have his second No. 1 hit with his current single, "Make Me Want To." The song, from his freshman 2018 Mercury Lane record, was co-written by Allen, with the video giving Allen a magic wand to create the life he wants. In real life, if he had a working magic wand, he would definitely use it for others, instead of himself.

"The first thing I would do? I have a soft spot in my heart for homeless people," Allen, who was once homeless himself, told PopCulture.com. "And the crazy thing is a lot of people don't quite understand. They say if you're homeless, why don't you get a job? But, every job, you need a home address. And if you don't have a home address, they won't hire you.

"So the first thing I would do is make sure every homeless person had a place to live and a home," he continued. "And I would even try to create some sort of thing whether I partner with a college or other entertainers to where we fund an apartment complex."

Allen, who is expecting a baby girl with his fiancée, Alexis Gale, also wants to help those who serve in the military, admitting he is frustrated with how the men and women who serve in the armed forces are sometimes treated.

"The first thing I would make sure, if you ever served our country, that you have a place to stay," said Allen. "And there's help there for people to talk to, 'cause I feel like a lot of times we send our military over there to fight, then when they come back, trying to adjust to the world where it is now, 'cause things change over five years. If you're out of the country for five or six years and you come back, it's a different world than the one you left.

"So a lot of times a lot of people can't really cope with the change and there's no help for them" he added. "So that's the first thing I'd do. I'd get a home for them to live, find a job, what else would I do? Try to wave my wand and cure hunger. What else would I do? Definitely get diseases like cancer and all that stuff. There's a lot of stuff I'd try to do."

Allen co-wrote "Make Me Want To," inspired in part by his own inability to keep his feelings to himself.

"I'm a sensitive guy, as a lot of people might know," Allen noted. "I wear small pants and I go to Disney World eight times a year. But it's just a song about a guy that catches feelings fast. Instead of the thing where, is it too soon to call it, is it too soon to tell her I have feelings? He just throws it all out there and just goes for it. So, it was fun and it's cool to see the song start to catch on, 'cause I wrote it with two friends of mine Paul Sikes and Jennifer Denmark."

Allen's debut single, "Best Shot," landed at the top of the charts, meaning that Allen's hard work is paying off, and paying off well. But the Delaware native isn't ready to rest on his laurels – or make any big splurges – just yet.

"It hasn't really set in," Allen admitted. "The one thing that my mom always tries to tell me is to sit. Just relax and enjoy small victories. My thing is, soon as something happens, I'm like, 'Cool, that was fun. What's next?' So, everyday I try to wake up and just look around and definitely be appreciative for the career I'm definitely blessed to have, and try to let it settle in. But I don't wanna get comfortable to where I get lazy."


Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt