Jimmie Allen Reflects on Release of Debut 'Mercury Lane' Album

Jimmie Allen's debut album, Mercury Lane, was released on Oct. 12, with the singer sharing a [...]

Jimmie Allen's debut album, Mercury Lane, was released on Oct. 12, with the singer sharing a thoughtful project combining country, pop, R&B and rock for a sound that's uniquely Allen's own.

Allen helped pen eight of the 15 tracks on the album, including his current single, "Best Shot," which is sitting at No. 10 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart. Speaking to PopCulture.com, Allen explained that Mercury Lane is a reflection of him as an artist now and where he hopes to be in the future.

"I'm so grateful to every songwriter, musician and producer that helped me tell my story through this project," he said. "To have an album out that represents me, my past, my current reality, where I want to go as a musician, a storyteller, an artist, and just as a person is a lifelong dream come true."

Allen named his album after the street he grew up on, sharing that living on Mercury Lane helped form him into the person he is today.

"Of course I'd love for people to enjoy the album but beyond that, I really hope people connect with it and take something away from it — whether it encourages them to not quit on their dreams, inspires them to try harder, helps them navigate a relationship, teaches them something about life or just makes them pick up the phone and call their grandma," he said. "That's what life on Mercury Lane did for me and I would consider it a success to be able to pay it forward."

Allen will be taking Mercury Lane on the road when he joins Scotty McCreery on McCreery's Seasons Change Tour in October, followed by a stint opening for Kane Brown's Live Forever Tour.

The 32-year-old told Billboard that he thinks people connects to his music because he writes from his heart, letting fans in on his life through his songwriting and also letting his songs act as reflections of their own lives.

"I just try to create music from an honest place," he explained. "Friends of mine have a phrase called 'deep fried veggies.' It means that when you hear the beat and the groove, that's deep fried — something that tastes good, that pulls you in. But when you actually listen to what's being said, that's the veggies — that's something your soul might need.

See the full track listing for Mercury Lane below.

1. "American Heartbreaker" — (Jimmie Allen, Lance Miller, Chris Stevens, Ash Bowers)
2. "Make Me Want To" — (Jimmie Allen, Paul Sikes, Jennifer Denmark)
3. "Deserve to Be" — (Jimmie Allen, Danielle Blakey, Tripp Howell)
4. "How to Be Single" — (Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins)
5. "Wait for It" — (Ash Bowers, Thom McHugh, Steve Williams)
6. "High Life" — (Lance Miller, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Chris Stevens)
7 ."21" — (Brandon Hood, Josh Jenkins, Ash Bowers)
8. "Underdogs" — (Ash Bowers, Brandon Lay, Jonathan Singleton)
9. "Like You Do" — (Jimmie Allen, JP Williams, Josh London, Jason Mizell)
10. "Back of Your Mind" — (Jimmie Allen, Matthew McVaney, Devin Tolentino)
11. "Boy Gets a Truck" — (Ash Bowers, Aaron Scherz)
12. "County Lines" — (Brett Tyler, Ben Burgess, Matt Dragstrem)
13. "Best Shot" — (Jimmie Allen, Josh London, JP Williams)
14. "Warrior" — (Jimmie Allen, Casey Beathard, Ash Bowers)
15. "All Tractors Ain't Green" — (Jimmie Allen, Brandon Hood, Tim Nichols)

Photo Credit: Getty / Lisa Lake