Jessie James Decker Speaks Out After Discovering 'Awful' Reddit Page Criticizing Her Body

Jessie James Decker shared an emotional message with her Instagram followers on Tuesday, speaking out after discovering a Reddit page that "rips me apart on a daily basis." In a series of videos on her Instagram Story, the country singer revealed that she had just discovered the page, where "they're talking about how apparently fat I've gotten and how boxy and how terrible my body looks, and they're accusing me of editing my body and all these things."

"It's pretty awful and I just cannot believe this is still happening in the world, that people are doing this," she said, explaining that after previously "obsessing" over her weight, she had decided to "just let myself live." "I work out and I eat what I want and I 100 percent am 10 pounds heavier than I used to be," she said. "I used to weigh, like, 115 and I'm not anymore. I eat what I want and I'm happy with that. But when you are writing blogs and stories and bullying me about how much weight I've gained and how fat my thighs are, I do take that offensively because what is the messaging that you are sharing?"

"I cannot believe there are people out there that say these things about people," she continued. "How can you wake up and live with yourself?" Decker told her followers that she was "shaking" because she couldn't believe what she was reading. "I'm very shocked by it," she said, tearing up. "And it does make you stop and you look in the mirror and you go, 'Oh my God, is there something wrong with me? Am I gaining weight, is there something wrong with me?' And it is hurtful and I'm such a strong, confident person and I always have been, but it does hurt my heart a little that people are ripping every little thing about me apart."

"It's mean," she continued through tears, "and it's bullying, and it's not okay and I hope my daughter doesn't grow up in a world where people do this to her because it's wrong and I think we all need to do better." The singer shared an additional video of herself in the bathroom, where she said she had moved because she didn't want her daughter, 7-year-old Vivianne, to see her upset. "I just want you to keep in mind that I'm a person," she told viewers. "I'm a human being, and your words hurt me. I know that I'm not perfect, but you pointing out my flaws, the things I'm already insecure about, it already hurts me."

"It doesn't feel good to be picked on or bullied or ripped apart," she added, wiping away tears. "I've dealt with it my whole life and I thought it would be over once I became an adult and it's not."


Decker told her followers that she's "always liked to keep it real and honest" and is "just letting you know it hurts." She concluded, "My one last thought is, if you don't like me, then leave me alone. If you don't like what I have to say, if you don't like what I do, if you don't like anything about me, then stop paying attention to me. Just leave me alone. Don't obsess over what I do. Don't look at my pictures, don't look at my videos, don't look at my posts. If you don't like me, leave me alone."