Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Says She's 'So Sick' of Mom-Shamers in Heated Rant

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, share two children, 1-year-old son Memphis and 4-month-old daughter Navy. Brittany often posts photos of her kids to her Instagram page, and her photos of Memphis often feature the toddler wearing a colorful selection of pajamas.

For some reason, people often comment on the photos to wonder why Memphis always seems to be wearing pajamas, a phenomenon Brittany is clearly fed up with, judging by her Instagram story on Tuesday.

The mom of two used her story to clap back at the mom-shamers who judge her for posting photos of her child in pajamas, explaining that her decisions as a mom are hers alone to make.

"Here's the deal," she said in a selfie video with Memphis sitting on her lap. "If I wanna dress my kid in pajamas all day every day, that's what I'm gonna do. And if you have an issue with it, please unfollow me."

"He wears regular clothes, he wears bathing suits, he wears other things, but just 'cause I document him when he has his jammies on often, who gives a flying f?"

Over the clip, Brittany wrote, "So sick of you [poop emoji] talkers!!! Go on...hide behind that phone of yours."

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(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

She followed her monologue with a video of Memphis dressed in orange-and-white striped pajamas and happily playing with a beach ball.

"This is for all you who don't like him being in jammies," she says as Memphis begins to yell. "Tell 'em," Brittany continues as Memphis starts to cry, with his mom adding, "I know, that's how I feel too baby. That's how I feel too."

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(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

Along with Memphis and Navy, Brittany is also a "bonus mom" to Jason's two daughters from his previous marriage, Keeley and Kendyl and recently opened up in a Q&A on Instagram about life as a stepmom when she gave advice to one fan about parenting your partner's kids.

"Whewwww! Buckle that seat belt, girl!" she wrote. "It's tough but you have the opportunity to REALLY impact their lives. ROCK IT and be a strong foundation for them!"

The online boutique owner also shared that Keeley and Kendyl stay with her and Jason every other week and often during the summers.

On June 8, Brittany used Instagram to share that while the girls might not be with her on her upcoming birthday, Kendyl made sure to make her stepmom feel special ahead of time with breakfast and a note.

"Kendyl woke up at 6:30 this morning to make me this breakfast because I won't be seeing them on my birthday. I'm one lucky bonus mama," Brittany wrote alongside a photo of the spread.


"Happy (early) b-day Britt!" Kendyl's note read. "I love you and I hope you love your breakfast!"

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(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

Photo Credit: Instagram / @brittanyaldean